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Evidence Based Speech and Social Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders

May 3, 2018 ~ 9:00am-4:00pm 

Check-In begins at 8:30

Owen Brown Interfaith Center ~ Room A

7246 Cradlerock Way, Columbia, MD 21045

**Cost of Admission includes lunch**

General Participant Cost: $30.00

CEU Participant Cost: $50.00

(CEUs available - 6 Maryland SLP and/or 6 BCBA) 


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AM Session: Promoting Social Interaction:   Evidence-Based Practices to Change Lives
Development of friendships is a challenge for individuals with autism. Many friendships are built around attendance of events regarding mutual interests or recess, family gatherings, and community events that require social and athletic abilities. Learn simple, research-based methods to expand interests, content knowledge, social communication skills, social problem-solving, game knowledge and motor abilities via offering social opportunities such as “Social Communication Therapy Class” (SCTC) and "Friends and Fitness" (F&F).  SCTC meets once weekly for 90 minutes in a group format, is led by Tamara Kasper MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA in collaboration with treatment therapists that function as shadows and peer models/coaches.    F&F is an athletically oriented small group social opportunity which meets twice weekly and is team taught by a certified personal trainer and Tamara Kasper, MS, CCC-SLP, BCBA.  After observation, assessment, and discussion of potential goals and social validity with parents, learner goals are selected.  Content areas include:  group/community social skills, self-advocacy and negotiation, calming strategies, sports/game knowledge, sportsmanship, flexibility, conversational skills, and the function of current problem behavior and social replacement skills.  Both social opportunities utilize a training model that incorporates a brief explanation via cartoon representations of social communication skill sequence, suggested “social rules”, multiple video models, guided practice with feedback, and opportunities to practice skills through games and contrived social problems with typical peers as confederates. A conceptual analysis which involves assessment/contriving of motivation for the skill, instruction in the specific skills needed with careful prompting and prompt fading, immediate application, and parent/caregiver/educator collaboration to transfer skills to community settings is utilized.  Direct Instruction cues and procedures are used to maintain learner attention and promote acquisition of skills.  Pre and post-treatment probes as well as parent feedback are used to document progress in target areas.  Participants demonstrate dramatic progress in post-test assessment of social skills fact, social skills application, motor/game skills, and sports/interest area facts. Shadows are assigned on an individual basis, based on the social skills, motor skills, and behavioral needs of the learner.

PM Session: Evidence-Based Speech Production Training for Children with Autism
This session is designed to meet the unique communication needs of children with autism, and other developmental disabilities, who struggle to speak. The presentation will review available research from the fields of speech-language pathology and applied behavior analysis to identify efficient and effective treatments for improving speech production skills. The need for collaborative research and treatment to maximize effectiveness of intervention with contributions from both the fields will be emphasized.  Specific methods to enhance speech production will be described and/or illustrated via video. The independent and dependent variables will be identified for each strategy. Speech production training in natural environments and in structured teaching environments will be explored, including methods to shape successive approximations to adult form words and improving intelligibility of multiword utterances.

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