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RISE for Autism offers a number of programs throughout the year to improve community and professional Autism awareness, provide education and training to parents and professionals, increase safety for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and offer sensory friendly family events.  


We recognize the cost of treatment services and supports for individuals with autism spectrum and related disorders continues to rise and are often cost prohibitive to families.  Our annual grant program offers awards up to $500 to help alleviate some of this burden not covered through a family’s insurance.  Grant awards can be used for a number of services (e.g. speech/occupational/music therapy, biomedical treatments, hippotherapy, etc.) and supports (e.g. technology, sensory items).  The annual grant cycle opens in June of each year and all complete application must be submitted by August 31st.


BE SAFE The Movie

This training uses video modeling to show viewers how to interact with the police in everyday encounters. Positive models help viewers of all abilities learn what to do and say when meeting the police.

Crucial safety skills are clearly demonstrated in 7 Episodes, ranging from following instructions to the right to remain silent. In each scene, real police interact with special needs individuals, giving BE SAFE true authenticity.

BE SAFE is great for teens and adults with disabilities and EVERYONE else for that matter! Help prevent problems and improve outcomes in police encounters through 7 Episodes.

Annual Health and Safety Fair

Our annual fair features games and activities, identification cards, free snacks and drinks, a chance to explore police cars and fire trucks, meeting therapy dogs, and access to a wealth of information on keeping our kids healthy and safe! 

*Sensory Friendly Family Events

Our quarterly sensory friendly family events are designed to provide and enjoyable community experience for individuals with autism, while providing fun for the whole family.  Events include “Trunk or Treat”, “Breakfast with Santa”, “Swim Party”, and so much more!

*Workshops and Conferences

Understanding autism spectrum disorders and mastering effective treatment strategies is a core component of improving the lives of individuals with autism.  We offer a number of workshops and conferences presented by experts in the field throughout each year.  We offer a free parent training series on topics such as “Managing Challenging Behavior”, “Fostering Communication”, and “Using Visual Supports to Promote Independence”. Additionally, if you are a business or community group and interested in learning more about Autism, our free “Understanding Autism” might be perfect for your needs.

*PALS (Promoting Awareness in Local Schools)

April is a great month to show your support for individuals with autism.  Let us help! Upon request we will supply books, worksheets, flyers, bulletin board materials, etc.  to local schools who are interested in promoting Autism Awareness.  We will supply puzzle piece socks to any local sports teams wishing to show their support for autism.  We would also love to come do a short presentation to elementary students about how to be a good friend to individuals with autism.  Have another creative idea?  Let us know how we can help!

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