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The 2017 Grant Cycle Closed 6/30/17

All awards will be determined by 7/30/17 & applicants will be notified at that time.

The RISE for Autism Grant Program was established in 2012 to provide assistance to families experiencing the tremendous financial burden of caring for an individual with ASD.  This program is equally available to individuals with a documented disability of Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders who are legal Maryland residents with a household income of less than $125,000.  The maximum grant award is $500 per applicant; families may apply on an annual basis (May 1 - June 30, 2017).  Special priority is given to families with more than one child with a disability and those who have received no other types of funding (e.g. private insurance, LISS funding, etc.).  Twenty-five percent of grant funding is reserved for individuals over the age of 18 years of age.  There are a number of therapies, services, and supports available to families through this grant including applied behavior analysis, social skills therapy, hippotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, augmentative communication systems, medical and biomedical, sensory integration therapy and related equipment, and respite care.  All awards are paid directly to the vendor or treatment provider.

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