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Puzzle Piece Pledge

We urge local businesses to join the Puzzle Piece Pledge during Autism Awareness Month! For a $1 donation your customers can show their support for individuals and families impacted by Autism.  We will supply the puzzle pieces that are ready to sign and post throughout the month of April.


PALS Program
Promoting Awareness in Local Schools

April is a great month to show your support for individuals with Autism.  Let us help! Upon request we will supply books, worksheets, flyers, bulletin board materials, etc.  to Anne Arundel County Schools who are interested in promoting Autism Awareness.  We will supply puzzle piece socks to any local sports teams wishing to show their support for autism.  Have another creative idea?  Let us know how we can help!

2017 Puzzle Piece Pledge Partners

RISE for Autism is dedicated to improving awareness, acceptance, and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) in our community. If your organization, business, school, or youth group is interested in participating in any of the following Awareness programs please contact Brandy Tayman at btayman@riseforautism.org. 

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